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ComTrain Certified Tower Classes

Tower Climbing Safety & Rescue Training: June 23rd & 24th

Cost per attendee will be approximately $900. The maximum class size is 15, so register early!
If there is enough interest, a second class may be held the 25th & 26th, but in order to do so we must have a minimum of 20 registrants (10 per class).

Advanced Training: June 25th

(must have attended Tower Climbing Safety & Rescue in the past)

Advanced tower climbing training. Cost per attendee is $500.

Instructor Training: June 26th

(must have attended Tower Climbing Safety & Rescue and Advanced classes in the past)

Instructor training class that allows trainee to train fellow employees (upon completion and certification). Cost per attendee is $2150.

Please note that prices reflect ComTrain costs (aside from a small amount added for lunch). Wireless Beehive is simply hosting the event as a benefit to AF participants.

All class work will take place at our corporate office, located at:

2000 Sunset Road
Lake Point, Utah 84074

There is a tower near our office where the hands-on training will take place. Lunch will be provided on all days.

Recommended Accommodations:
Oquirrh Motor Inn
8740 N. S-R 36
Lake Point, UT
801 250 0118

Maybe we will do this again someday.

Will miss all of you this winter, but if there is enough interest we will do this again someday.

155 N. 1000 W.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116
Utah State Fairpark - Grand Building

Registration is turned off at the moment.