Animal Farm™ 3


Presentation and Lightning talk topics include:

  • Motorola WiBB Roadmap (v9, v10, NMS/EMS development)
  • Link Planner for Motorola PTP links
  • TV Whitespace, 3650, and other goodies
  • VoIP, TV, and other Multi-Play Pieces
  • Monitoring and Management Using OSS Solutions
  • New product and feature announcements (incl. WB’s BOSS)
  • …And a few more

Panel topics may include:

  • How-We-Do-It: Best Practices
  • TVWS, 3650, Other emerging technologies
  • Nuts and Bolts: Towers, Solar, Batts, & More
  • Homebrew: Should I Make it or Buy it?
  • …Anything else we can come up with…

Breakout Sessions will be organized into two “tracks” geared towards guys in the field and guys in the back office. The intention is to eek out as much useful information for the different scenarios that face each kind of crew, and to make the sessions as “intimate” and interactive as possible. Each topic will run on both days, two at a time, for 50 minutes each, in such a way that nobody will miss one.

  • Radio Mobile – Matt Jenkins, Smarter Broadband
  • Mikrotik Toolbox: L2/L3/MPLS/PPPoE – Gino Villarini, Sterling Jacobsen, David Sovereen, et al.
  • TDM over IP – Chris Fleming, RAD
  • IPv6 Primer – Bryan Scott, Wireless Beehive
  • VMware and Disaster Recovery – Rene Nelson, DMBA & Tyler Perkins, Wireless Beehive
  • Self Interference – Forrest Christensen, Montana Internet
2009 Agenda

Jan 14: Pre-Event Activities


Skiing –
CTI and IP Pay have arranged a Park City Ski Trip for out-of-state Animal Farm™ attendees.

Canopy Basic Training – CANCELLED
Due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to cancel the Canopy 101 training.

Installers Experience Exchange – 2:00p to 4:00p
A chance for field employees (installers, climbers) to visit and instruct each other by exchanging best practices, tips, and tricks.

Dinners, Parties, Receptions –
Link Technologies, Inc. Meet and Greet — Quality Inn from 6pm to 9pm. Food and Drinks will be served. Come in out of the cold before the Animal Farm™ and meet your peers. Open to all attendees of the Animal Farm™!

Jan 15: Event Day 1

Morning: (8:00-12:00)

Keynote: Chuck Macenski
Presentations and Lightning Talks
Sponsor Showcase (11:00)

Afternoon: (12:00-5:00)

Lunch Sponsored by CTI (12:00-1:00)
Breakout Sessions (1:00-4:00)
Group Session (4:00-5:00)

Evening (5:00-10:00…):

Dinner Sponsored by Motorola with
Presentation by Ray Savich

Jan 16: Event Day 2

Morning: (8:00-12:00)

Introduction, Recap
Keynote: Julian Kemp
Multi-Topic Discussion Panels
Sponsor Showcase (11:00)

Afternoon: (12:00-5:00)

Lunch Sponsored by DoubleRadius (12:00-1:00)
Breakout Sessions (1:00-4:00)
Group Session (4:00-5:00)


Cleanup, Depart