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Animal Farm is an open group where you’ll find technical training and activities designed for and by WISP and fiber users like you. Canopy users from varied backgrounds meet and discuss topics of common interest. These events are typically USER DRIVEN, NOT VENDOR DRIVEN. We focus on what you need, not what someone wants to sell.


Summer 2018


It may be in the old location, not sure yet..

Utah State Fairpark – Grand Building
155 North 1000 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116


Planning an event for Summer 2019 perhap

Details will be posted here if we are hosting an event.

Feel free to visit the MTC shop 15 minutes West of there on I-80 Exity 99. Lake Point.

8400 N Hwy 36
Lake Point, Utah 84074
McCown Technology Corporation

Registration is turned off.