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Turning Sheep Into Pigs Since 2007
(Apologies to Geo Orwell)

"This is the best cult this side of Waco..."
Steve Jones

Something is being planned for the summer of 2018.

Generally in February
Utah State Fairpark

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What is AFMUG?

The Animal Farm consists of (originally Canopy-based) WISPs and now FTTH operators from around the world who in large part provide high-grade, high-speed broadband service to areas under-served (or poorly served) by incumbent wireline service providers (i.e. cable & telco). The group's activities are sponsored largely by McCown Technology Corporation & PacketFlux

AFMUG originally stood for Animal Farm Motorola Users Groups, later changed to Advanced Fiber & Microwave Users Group.

McCown Tech

What People are saying about Animal Farm

"Great event as always, keep up
the good work!"

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The mailing list ( has had a couple homes over the years, and has always generated a healthy amount of traffic with topics ranging from ISP business issues to project management to network troubleshooting, fiber construction, router configs and what we like to eat! It is a fun group.

Current list membership exceeds 450 members, with anywhere from 50 to over 300 posts in a given day.

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These guys make it possible

Planning an event for Summer 2018

It will probably be 2 days. Eating smoked dead animal will be involved. Not too many details past that so far.

Not sure yet where we will meet, other than in or near Salt Lake City.

8400 N Hwy 36
Lake Point, Utah 84074
McCown Technology Corporation

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