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The Animal Farm Users Group consists of Canopy-based WISPs from around the world who in large part provide high-grade, high-speed broadband service to areas underserved (or poorly served) by incumbent wireline service providers (i.e. cable & telco). The group’s activities are sponsored largely by third-party product vendors McCown Technology, &  PacketFlux. Double Radius, WAV, CTI, Cambium, UBNT and many others have also been critical to the financial success of the show.

The mailing list ( ) has had a couple homes over the years, and has always generated a healthy amount of traffic with topics ranging from ISP business issues to project management to network troubleshooting and more.

Current list membership exceeds 450 members, with anywhere from 50 to over 300 posts in a given day.

To subscribe, unsubscribe, post or request help, simply send an email in the following format


Mailing list archives are hosted by PDM Net. In the past, the Animal Farm conferences have helped to match names with faces and encourage cooperation on all fronts between list members. It is impossible to measure the amount of assistance, business, and other offlist interaction that has undoubtedly resulted from person-to-person networking fostered by Animal Farm. As many attendees have put it, “This is the show to attend” for Canopy WISPs.

Much credit goes to Motorola’s WiBB team for 1) creating a solid, reliable family of products and 2) recognizing and supporting the grass roots movement that has become Animal Farm.

From the WISPTech Wiki:“Animal Farm is a Motorola Canopy users group. It is not affiliated with Motorola in any official manner. Animal Farm is for users of Motorola Canopy™ equipment to meet and discuss topics of common interest. This is a user driven event, not a vendor driven event. It is also a place for contributors of to meet face to face. …”

Maybe we will do this again someday.

Will miss all of you this winter, but if there is enough interest we will do this again someday.

155 N. 1000 W.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116
Utah State Fairpark - Grand Building

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